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It is possible to participate to the Tiber Descent also with the guided walker’s group. The walkers will follow the river paths stages of approximately 10-15 km long; thanks to the support of the bus the walkers will join the paddlers and the cyclers for the common activities (such as accommodation, dinner, visits to museums or ruins).

The walk does not present difficulties and is within the reach to those who are used to do daily walks.  Most of the path is on foot track nearby the river.

The recommended equipment is the standard one: comfortable trekking boots, sticks useful for distributing the weight, a daily backpack (consider that all the luggage is transported by the bus) with lunch, water bottle, sun screen.  We suggest bringing both equipment for rain and for the sun considering that during the day the weather may change.

It will be possible, also, to do the entire length of the stage (along the cyclers route), but without guide.