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Daily stages are short, approximately 25/35 km, and will follow as much as possible tracks along the Tiber river – leading riders to meet the paddlers along the river –

Most of the tracks will be on paths, mostly flat; it is a touristic ride accessible also for families, In order to benefit the maximum fun from the trips, it is good to follow some rules.

The route can be undertaken with a hybrid bike, a mountain bike, gravel or CX bike, but not with a racing bike.

Make sure your bike is in perfect condition. If you are not able to do it yourself, have it checked by a bicycle mechanic before you start the tour (breaking the chain at 15 km from the point of arrival must be a fortuitous event and not the consequence of lack of care);

Each participant must carry the necessary kit to fix a possible puncture. Be careful not to bting a wrong size tube! The measures are now many: take into account the wheel diameter and the type of valve. We recommend having at least two air chambers with you;

Suitable clothing is essential e.g. :technical padded shorts, rain jacket; gloves; high visibility vest; a small close-fitting backpack; a water bottle; of course the helmet!

If you suffer from allergies of any kind, inform your guide and take the appropriate antihistamine.