2022 Descent from the 4th to the 9th of July

All participants need to be members of the ASD DIT association (15 euro; under 16, 10 euro), here the link for the membership fees and membership form (https://goo.gl/fCL2fn)

Once you are a member you need to register to the 2022 descent 

Cost for 6 days: 80 euro; single day: 15 euro. 

Reductions under 18: free; ASD DIT member at 28/02/2022: 10% discount; low income: free (need to contact by the 15th of June, we will ask, however, some work duty); carer of participant with impairments: free.

Registration and payments after 15th of June, additional 10% on cost.

Here the registration form (https://forms.gle/5fyrZ8f5os8z9jrc7)

Services included with registration: outdoor guides, local tour, minibus, insurance.

MEALS AND ACCOMODATION are not included. 

At http://www.tibertour.com/lodging/ the local group facilities where we will lodge; we will have still common dinners (if interested need to book).

Registration closes on the 15th of June; after services are not longer insured


Please consider that there is a limited number of participants and participation is confirmed only after the money transferred.


Bank account owner: asd Discesa Internazionale del Tevere

Bank transfer IBAN: IT42Q0832703235000000003088


Paypal: paypal@discesadeltevere.org

Paypal and Bank all transfer fees need to be added.

Paid cash on spot 10 euro more for each payment…please register in time and pay with money transfer, we are all volunteers and we want to enjoy the descent to without taking care of payments.