Food with care

TiberTour pays special attention to the quality and genuineness of food served in common dinners: local dishes, possibly organic food and local ingredients, search for local producers and grovers.

A vegetarian dinner is normally also provided; let us know in advance if you have dietary requirement, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Please remember that breakfast and lunch is, usually, not provided. In local stores, bars or cafè you can buy breakfast and packet lunch


Water & beverages

We battle bottled water, especially in plastic. We normally ask participants to serve themselves with tap drinkable water: we believe in free drinkable water as a universal human right!


Plastic and waste

We fight single use plastic and have, as much as possible, a zero waste policy: in our common dinners only reusable personal plates, flatware and glasses/cups are allowed.


Usually we provide “bulk lodge” where you need to bring your sleeping gear (camp mattress, sleeping bag etc). Toilets and showers facility (hopefully with hot water!) will be available. Please be aware, however, that you are free to book your accommodation wherever you want. Meeting points will be, although, at the common lodge.