The Annual SUPRome

SUPRome® is a urban river paddling event in the city of Rome dedicated to Stand Up Paddlers within the TIBER TOUR (a paddling, cycling, walking event of 200 km starting from Umbria that in seven days reaches Rome and then the sea). It is not a race and you just compete with yourself with the amount of city beauty that you can capture.

Is a paddling experience under historical and contemporary bridges, ranging with more than 2.300 years.

Usually SUPRome is held on the 1st of May (first edition in 2015), however the date of the official event can be scheduled differently (check the “yearly edition”).

SUPRome has also several other guise such as the solstice or equinox edition.

Upon request SUP tour in the city of Rome can be organised all year round a minimum number of participant is, however, needed.

Yearly Edition

The stage will go from the Riserva Naturale Valle dell’Aniene to the Tiber river (Ponte Matteotti), for a total of 15 km and river with I/II class rapids. more details …

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