the TiberTour

Eating and More


TiberTour pay special attention to the quality and genuineness of food served in common dinners: local dishes, possibly organic food and local ingredients, search for local producers and artisans.

A vegetarian dinner is normally also provided.

It’s also possible to have certified gluten free meal for the common dinner, without extra cost, prepared in licensed restaurant. But you need to book it in advance! Meals are prepared in other premises and are delivered to the place where we eat. This chance is with the support of the AIC – Italian Celiac Association. As every other participant, also celiacs have to provide themselves for their own breakfast and packet lunch, and we suggest to bring some food from home.


We fight bottled water, especially in plastic. We normally ask participants to serve themselves with tap drinkable water: we believe free drinkable water is a human right!

Plastic and waste

We fight disposable plastic: in our dinners only personal or compostable plates, flatware and glasses are allowed.