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SUPRome is a race-free urban river paddling event in the city of Rome dedicated to Stand Up Paddlers within the TIBER TOUR (a paddling, cycling, walking event of 200 km starting from Umbria that in seven days reaches Rome and then the sea).

Usually SUPRome® is held on the 1st of May (from the 1st to the 5th edition -2015-2019), however due to pandemic outbreack the date of the official event can be scheduled differently (check the “yearly edition”).

SUPRome has also several other guise such as the solstice or equinox edition.


SUPRome is open to all paddlers with experience and equipment suited to river white water up to class 2.

Meeting point is at the arrival of the stage and usually is available street parking.

From the meeting point the bus shuttle will depart with participants and their gear towards the start of the descent on the river

Please be note that: we will end the journey at 17.00 (more or less) getting back, paddling, at the meeting point; inflatable boards-must fit in the bus luggage compartment; no responsibility is taken for any damage to the gear in the bus luggage compartment (so far nothing was never damaged!); it is mandatory for passengers to wear face coverings while travelling on the bus; you need to get on the bus dressed for the descent (you can leave your luggage at meeting point in a dedicated room); number of pumps at the starting point on the river could be limited so we suggest you bring yours (you can leave it afterwards to a support boat); bring your lunch with you; shower at the arrival will be in the open air and without changing room facilities; SUPRome is a “single-use plastic free” event.

Helmet and lifejacket or buoyancy aid are compulsory to wear. It is possible to rent the gear.


It is possible to rent gear (board, paddle, helmet, life-jacket) please be aware, however, that numbers are limited; 35 euro per personIt will be possible also to rent canoes or to book a place on raft boat; 25 per person.

Cost of bank transfer (or Paypal) fees need to be added to the total cost.


Bank account owner: ASD DIT


Purpose of payment: SUPRome (insert name and surname of the participant). Please send the receipt to: scrivi@discesadeltevere.org


WhatsApp: +39 3472439715

Big Jump 10.7.22

Big Jump 10.7.22

BIG JUMP 10 luglio 2022, ore 10:30 Al termine della 43a edizione della Discesa Internazionale del Tevere, dal 4 al 9 luglio, celebreremo il fiume con un grande tuffo in acqua nella Riserva Natural Regionale di Nazzano Tevere-Farfa domenica 10 luglio 2022,...

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DIT2022 program

DIT2022 program

43rd edition from the 4th  to thr 9th of July 2022, from Todi to Nazzano   PADDLING, CYCLING, WALKING, EATING AND MORE FROM UMBRIA TO ROME…and then to the sea TiberTour is a 7 days yearly river tour for paddlers, cyclists, walkers. It starts from Umbria  and...

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Passaporto Tevere

Passaporto Tevere

Tevere, il passaporto dalle sorgenti al mare Con l’obiettivo di avvicinare le persone al Tevere, stiamo per lanciare il primo passaporto tascabile dedicato: il compagno ideale per scendere il fiume dalle sorgenti al mare, a terra e in acqua. Una versione di test,...

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