DIT2019: the XL TiberTour



Paid by the 31st of March: 35 euro per day (total for the 7 days 245 euro)

Paid after the 31st of March and before the 15th of April: 40 euro per day

Paid on spot cash: 50 euro per day (however the organisers reserve the right not to accept registrations after the 15th of April).

All participants need also to have a membership to the sport club ASD DIT (cost is 15 euro, 10 euro <16 years), so the membership fee needs to be added.

Standard fee includes: descent, bus shuttle for 3 transfers (the first day for stages from the 25th to the 28th of April, then for stages 29th and 30st of April, and for the 1st of May), full dinner and drinks, overnight stay in common rooms (bulk accommodation with your own sleeping gear) or in your van.
If you need other single day bus shuttle there is an extra 10 euro fee for day. Participants with campers or minivan (or in general participants that sleep in their own vehicle) are exempted from payment of this extra fee.

Descent only: 20 euro per day if paid by the 31st of march; 25 euros after;
Dinner only: 20 euro per day if paid by the 31st of march; 25 euros after;
Accompanying person: 20 euro (includes only dinner);
People with disabilities: 20 euro (standard fee related services);
Aged < 24: 10 euros discount on the standard fee (standard fee related services) and/or 5 euros discount the descent or dinner only
Aged < 18: 15 euros (standard fee related services)
Low income countries (contact organizers)

Please consider that there is a limited number of participants and participation is confirmed only with the money transfer.

Bank account owner: asd Discesa Internazionale del Tevere
Bank transfer IBAN: IT42Q0832703235000000003088
Bank transfer BIC: ROMAITR1072
Paypal: paypal@discesadeltevere.org

Paypal: + 1 euro per day and Bank transfer fees need to be added.

If you don’t have your own car a bus departs from Rome the 25th of April in the morning and will follow all the descent until the 1st of May. Cost of the bus for the 7 days is 85 euro.