Nature Conservation

During the Tiber descent we pass through several protected areas and/or Natura 2000 sites. In these areas we take particular attention in order not to impact the wildlife. The organizing committee undertook also an “Appropriate Assessment (VINCA)” to be sure not to impact the protected species and habitat, as well as the ecosystem functions. During our passage, also taking into consideration in view of the sites’ conservation objectives, we raise the awareness on the importance of biodiversity conservation also with dedicated factsheet on plant and animals that can be sighted during the descent.

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During the descent we take a lot of care in not increasing our “ecological footprint”, we reduce waste, increase the use of local food, recycle gear, use as much as possible organic sun screen and solid soap, we compensate our footprint picking up litter dispersed in the riverine system.

Since 2000, in fact, during our descent, we regularly clean waste dispersed in the environment from both riverbanks and river also in order to avoid them reaching the sea.

Registration cost of the descent is reduce in proportion to the amount of riverine litter collected along the journey; collected items are recorded, separated and properly disposed in bins.

Among the several initiative:

Citizen science

During the descent participants can take part in projects helping to undertake scientific research; at present are available projects on monitoring riverine plastic and freshwater molluscs.